Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ohio Visit

Today I am leaving my temporary home in Medina, Ohio to hook up with the RV caravan that I will be traveling with for 32 days in the state of Michigan.  It is always a happy sad day to leave a place that you have spent with family and friends.  I have been able to spend time with my family eating foods of my childhood, getting to spend time with 2nd generation cousins that I really did not have the privileged to know very well before this visit.   Getting to see your old neighborhood and have lunch with classmates you spent many years with learning how to grow up.  Getting to spend time just bumming around with friends going to Amish country and eating food of that culture   Yes, bittersweet, but now on to the next journey in Michigan for 32 days.
                                               Family tradition bacon fry
                                                       High School hang out
                                            My child hood friend
                                               Our back yard of our old house on Stafford Dr.

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