Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Darien, Ga.

Today starts my next journey in life with out Vince.  I loaded up the new (Baby) 5th wheel with things I will need for 12 weeks to start my travels.  For my first destination my sister Donna accompanied me as we were going to Greenville, SC for my nephew Matt's wedding.  We will meed up with the family and spend 5 days there then I take off solo to Ohio, Mich. and New York.

Took us 6 hours with a few potty stops and lunch.  I even backed in a truck stop between two trucks
with out any problem.  We arrived at our first stop at Inland Harbor RV Park in Darien, Ga.   What a nice park.  Very well maintain and cozy.  Great overnight choice.   Well I know I will sleep good
tonight knowing that I did good and I know that Vince would be proud of what I did today.......
 My first back in truck stop (  The trucks that were beside me have left before pic taken)
This is our site for the night.

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