Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Detroit Motown

Well, today started out to be a early day.  Awaken by the sounds of tornado sirens.  Yes, tornado sirens.  Here we go again.  When Vince and I started our full time adventure we spent a lot of time in campground bathrooms or heading in opposite directions to which a tornado was headed.  I stayed in the showers with other people until 3 am until the tornado sirens stopped and the weather slowed down enough to get back to my RV.  Well, I should of known that all the water would be around your RV and steps.  6 inches deep to be exact so I take my shoes off to walk the walk back to the RV.  Now it is after 3 am when I get back into my dry bed and now I still have to listen to my weather radio telling me that there are still strong winds and rain in the are.  Yes, I left it on could not turn it off afraid I would miss the warnings it gave.  Well, finally around 4 am I fell asleep to have to be up and ready to go at 7:45 am.
Well, today was a long but really fun day.  We were motor coached to the Ford Rouge Assembly Plant of the F150 Trucks.   The Coney Island restaurant, the famous Motown Museum and a tour of downtown Detroit with a stop at the General Motors Corp offices.
Ford Motor Assembly Plant

 Coney Island Restaurant

Motown Museum.... Awesome

 Comerica Baseball Field Home of the Detroit Tigers

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  1. Glad your having a good time. Love you keep having fun. See you when we see you.