Thursday, January 19, 2012

Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library and Home

We drove into Yorba Linda today to see the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library, Museum and Home.  There are 11 presidential libraries in the United States and this is the 6th presidential library that we have visited. The library and museum is on the land that Nixon's father purchased in 1912.  The farm house is there that Nixon was born and lived in with his parents and 4 brothers.  We toured the house, museum and library and learned quit a lot about the Nixon family and his time as a lawyer, congressman, senator, vice-president and president.  Of course the main subject was Nixon as president.  He influenced so much and accomplished so much, we couldn't even start to tell you it all.  He was truly a great president, Watergate withstanding.

The reflecting pool
The Nixon Presidential Library


Tricia Nixon's bridal gazebo

Marine One
Debbie & the Presidential Seal

Richard's families home


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