Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving in New York

We decided that since we haven't been to my (Vince's) home for Thanksgiving in 13 years, we'd go back and surprise Mom.  We told my brothers David and Gregg, but asked them to keep the secret.  David and his wife Eileen offered to put us up in their travel trailer, adjacent to their home.
We left Palm Springs Saturday morning, an hour and a half late, due to mechanical problems with the plane, missed our connection in Houston, and spent 8 hours there, arrived in New York City late Saturday night, my luggage arrived, but Debbie's was still in Houston.  We stayed in Tarrytown overnight and headed to Walden to see Vincent, Heather and our grandchildren, Quinn and Paris.  Deb's luggage was promised on Sunday, but it did not arrive.  She called Continental and they authorized her to go and buy $75.00 in clothes and they would reimburse her.  That led to a trip to Wal-Mart. Monday afternoon the luggage arrived.  We had Quinn's 11th birthday a month early and them gave out the Christmas gifts. We spent 4 great days with the family in Walden.
Thanksgiving day we called Mom and lied to her, saying that we would go with other RVers to the clubhouse for Thanksgiving dinner.  We arrived mid-morning at David & Eileens in Kingston and spent a few hours catching up.  The thirty-one Thanksgiving attendees started to arrive.  Most were there before Mom arrived.  Deb and I creeped up behind her and just stood their until she saw Debbie.  That's when the hugging and crying started.  Mom was really surprised.  We had a great dinner and spent the rest of the day with aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and all of the extended family.
While in Kingston we had lunch with Mom and Aunt Judy, dinner with David and his family, and most importantly, had hot wieners at Dallas Hot Weiners with David and Gregg's extended family. We said our goodbyes and headed back to New York City and our flight back to Palm Springs. It was a great trip.

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