Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hollywood, California

We went to two shows in the past two weeks' opted out of another, and have one more to attend.  We did go to Let's Make A Deal, which was quite an experience.  This one hour show took us five (5) hours!  They interview you to see if you are happy, excited, smiling and can speak properly.  They seat you a few at a time, most of us older contestants were put to the far sides, the young and pretty to the center.  If you dressed really weird, they put you to the side.  They do takes and retakes over and over.  They constantly ask you to jump up and scream, every retake.  No thanks.....we ain't doing this again. (note: the numbers on the yellow tag on our chest, they are removed prior to taping)
Last night we went to see Mike and Molly shot at Warner Brothers.  This 30 minute program took them over 3 hours to film, again many retakes.  Also, half of the sets that they use were not in audience view, they were around the corner, so most of the scenes you watch on a monitor.  This also was a one time thing, I don't think we'll sit through that again.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was scheduled, but we both had a bad cold and decided to cancel.  Lastly, we went to The Doctors program in Hollywood. This time the program moved along at a good pass with few retakes.  We had an enjoyable time and we each got two free gifts, a Clean Wave vacuum, used to clean the mites and old skin from your bed and it has a UV light to kill germs.  We also got several packages of wipes to kill bacteria.
We also stopped at the original Bob's Big Boy restaurant to take a picture of Debbie with Big Boy, and we drove up to the Hollywood sign.


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