Thursday, October 13, 2011

San Jan Bautista

We visited the Mission San Juan Bautista today.  It is one of the 21 missions built by the Spaniards in California in the late 1700's.  Father Juniper Sierra oversaw the building of this mission and eight others.  It is a beautiful mission with lovely gardens.  There are lots of original furniture, housewares, and religious artifacts on display.  The alter and the area behind it is beautiful.  We did not get to see the chapel, as mass was ongoing.  We had a nice lunch a block away at John & Peters German restaurant.

Mission San Juan Bautista
The right side wall inside the Mission

The alter and the wall behind
Inside the Mission

The Baptism Room
The Pulpit

Debbie in the mission garden
a huge cactus

the rear veranda
A beautiful flower


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