Friday, October 7, 2011

Los Gatos, California and the Intel Museum

We went to the upper crusty town of Los Gatos today.  Those high paid executives from Silicon Valley must all live here, as everything in this town of 30,000 is upscale and expensive.  In Los Gatos, the poor folk have to shop at Williams-Sonoma and those type of stores.  They have no mall.  How dare Wal-Mart or Target even think about coming to Los Gatos!  No McDonald's or Burger King.  They want to keep the stores in downtown full, and it is working. There are two car dealers in town, they sell Bugatti, Aston Martin, Bentley, Lotus and Lamborghini.  The poor folk buy down the street at Mercedes.  They do have a vibrant town with great restaurants, nice shops, boutiques, bakeries, salons and spas.  Deb bought a few things at Sur la Table, a kitchen store, and with the money we had left we ate a nice lunch at the PurpleOnion. Even the dogs do well here.  Most stores have a bowl of water or water with ice out in front and the restaurants have large dog biscuits set inside the door, and they are free.
We then went to the Intel Museum in Sunnyvale to see how computer chips were invented and how they continue to improve them.  We went past Yahoo, Intuit, Oracle, Citrix and lots of huge corporations.

Downtown Los Gatos
The PurpleOnion


Auto Dealer
Deb at the Intel entrance

Deb at an Intel workstation
Deb in her Clean Room Suit

Deb using the touch screen wall
Me in my Clean Room Suit

Some guy who visited here recently and lost his nametag


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