Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photos of our RV

We have been asked a few times what does our RV look like inside.  So, we decided to post some older pictures of what it looked like when we purchased it.  There are no pictures on the wall or items on the counter.   We have a step up kitchen and our kitchen table and chairs are on the right in the slide out.  We took out the bar stools and put in bookcases.  Sorry no pics of the bedroom or bathroom.  We have a queen sized bed with a Sleep Number mattress.  We have a closet and two built in dressers and a bathroom with shower.  I will take some updated pictures of what it looks like now to post in the next few weeks. 




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  1. Hi Guys - enjoyed meeting you yesterday and viewing your Blog! I think you'll find Windows Live Writer will make things easier for you. Have a great summer & we'll be watching your travels!
    Keith & Brenda