Saturday, July 2, 2011

Minute Man Missile Site

We went to see a Minuteman Missle Site and launch center.  At one time during the Cold War, we had 1000 of these missiles.  Due to treaties with Russia, we now only have 450.  Each missile delivers 1.2 million megatons of destruction, compared to the bombs dropped on Japan in 1945, which were only 20 megatons.  This site has been deactivated and the nuclear weapon removed, although the missile remains. We saw the sleeping and recreation areas for the air force personnel, the launch area, 31 feet underground, and the missile through a glass cover. Each launch site controlled 10 missile sites.  We drove 11 miles from the Launch control to the Missile.  The tour was in two parts, one inside the sight and one tour and talk at the missile.

Topside at Launch Facility
Launch Control

Luanch Control
Minutman Missile

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