Sunday, July 10, 2011

Devils Tower, Wyoming

July 10.  We drove to Devils Tower National Monument from our campground in Sundance.  Devils Tower is America's first national monument.  It is 865 feet high and is the inside of an ancient volcano.  This area was washed away by an ancient river, now called the Belle Fourche river, which today is a 20 foot wide little stream.  We did see some climbers repelling down the rock face while we were there. 
Indian lore says that the long marks on the tower are from bears.  The story is that 7 Indian girls were playing outside their village and were chased by bears.  They ran and stood on a rock about 3 feet tall.  One girl prayed to the rock, "Rock save us-Rock take pity on us."   The rock started to elongate itself upwards and when the bears jumped, they scratched the rock, broke their claws and fell back to the ground.  The 7 Indian girls are still up there in the sky, seven little stars in the group known as Pleiades.
We stopped to eat lunch at Cindy B's restaurant in Aladdin, Wyoming. (population 15) We headed back to Sundance for groceries, diesel, and a swim in the pool.  We head back to South Dakota tomorrow for a weeks stay at Custer State Park.

There it is!
Getting closer!

We made it!
Deb watching repellers



Indian Lore
My Squaw in TeePee
Red Rocks

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