Tuesday, June 7, 2011

West Branch, Iowa

We went to West Branch, Iowa on Saturday to see the boyhood home and presidential library of our 31st president, Herbert Hoover.  Herbert's father was a Quaker blacksmith and their house was next door.  The house had 2 bedrooms and a kitchen so small, that you had no room for a table. His parents and their 3 kids lived in the tiny house.  When Herbert was 8, his parents both died within a year (his father was 34 & his mother was 35) he, his brother and his sister were each sent to live with different relatives.  Herbert was sent all the way to Oregon to live with an aunt and uncle that he had not previously met.  We visited the house, blacksmith shop, the presidential library and Herbert and his wife Louise's grave.

Hoover's boyhood home
Blacksmith Shop

Deb at one room schoolhouse
Herbert & Louise Hoover's graves

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