Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ames, Iowa

June 15-18.  We are just outside Ames, Iowa at Ledges State Park.  We went into Ames to see Reiman Gardens on the campus of Iowa State University.  The gardens are famous in this area.  We saw every type of garden possible, as well as a butterfly garden and a temporary art show of giant bugs made out of wood.  We also went into Boone, Iowa to former First Lady Mamie Eisenhower's birthplace and we took a 2 hour ride on the Boone & Scenic Railroad.  We ate lunch at the Dutch Pantry restaurant and bakery and loaded up on Dutch Apple bread and danish pastries.
If you drive 50 miles through Iowa, you will pass 25 farms of mostly corn and the rest are soybeans.  This is a great agricultural state.

Trivia Question:  Why do butterflys live only two weeks?  They burst out of their coccoon and find a mate.  They mate, the female lays the eggs and they both die from exhaustion.

Trivia Question:  Why do moths only live 3 days?  Moths do not have a mouth, stomach or digestive system.  They die of hunger in 3 days.

Ledges CG-double click to see Debbie
Mamie Eisenhower's birthplace

Boone & Scenic
Boone & Scenic
Corn as far as you can see
                    The train we rode on

Debbie at Reiman Gardens
Trumpet tree

Giant Ant
Praying Mantis


A rose is a rose
Entrance to one of the gardens

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