Monday, June 20, 2011

The Danish Villages-Elkhorn & Kimballton, Iowa

June 19-21.  We are at Prairie Rose State Park, in the middle of nowhere in southwestern Iowa.  There are three small towns, Elkhorn (population 350) and Kimballton, (population 196) know as the Danish Villages and Walnut, which is the "Antique Capital of Iowa."  We visited the Danish Villages today, but there was not much going on.  No red lights in either town.  In Elkhorn, the bakery was closed, the famous general store museum was closed and the food market was out of business.  There was a windmill (the only windmill in the U.S.A. that originally stood in Denmark, was disassembled, brought to Iowa, and reassmbled) and museum, but we did all that when we were in Pella earlier this month, so we skipped that. We did take a photo of the windmill in Elkhorn and we did take a photo of a replica of Hans Christian Andersdon's Little Mermaid in Kimballton.   We will go to Walnut tomorrow. 
One thing about Iowa, it is the "greenest" state that we have been in.  They have wind farms everywhere, generating electric power, we have seen hundreds of them.  Solar panels are on a lot of roofs, and we found our first site to plug in electric cars. Just swipe your credit card, plug the car in, and charge the batteries. On to South Dakota the day after tomorrow.
Charging Station
Wind Farm

Debbie & the Little Mermaid

Our Progess Map-8 states
Elkhorn's Windmill

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