Friday, May 27, 2011

Maysville, Missouri

Pony Express
Pony Express
Patee Museum
Maysville Campsite
May 24-26.  We used Maysville as our base to visit Jamesport, a small Amish Village and St. Joseph.
Jamesport was quaint.  We visited all the stores in the 2 block village and ate lunch there.  Not much going on there.  Now, St. Joseph was a different story.  St. Joseph is the location of the start of the Pony Express, which delivered mail via horseback between St. Joseph and Sacramento, California in 10 days, back 150 years ago. It ran for several years until the telegraph lines went coast to coast.
We visited the small Pony Express Museum as well as the Glore Psychiatric Museum.  Glore was very unique, showing us all of the old methods of dealing with the mentally ill.  We saw cages, restraints, patient rooms, surgical equipment, straight jackets and learned about shock therapy, Lobotomies, etc.
Kind of weird, but interesting.  The highlight of St. Joseph was the Patee Museum.  It is hard to describe, but they had everything from Trains, Carousels, every type of business (Post office, Train Station, Drug Store, etc.)  They have fire engines, stage coaches, western memorabilia, etc.  It was one of the greatest museums you could ever visit.  The Patee museum was originally the Patee Hotel, and just off the front entrance was the Pony Express main office.  The riders actually left the stable, rode into the hotel through a double door and received the mail, while on horseback, in a mochilla  (Leather saddle cover with 4 pouches) that fit around the saddle and held the mail. Check out-  This was our last stop in Missouri.

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