Friday, May 20, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas City, Kansas

Our campsite
The view (see the clouds below the ridge)
May 16-23.  We are staying in Blue Springs, Missouri at Fleming Lake while we visit both Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas.  Back in Tampa, we use to visit BBQ restaurants with our friends Brad & Suzie Bohannon, in a quest for the best BBQ.  Since they are originally from the KC area, they have told us the best BBQ places in town, and we are trying to get to them all. In our first 5 days here, we have had great BBQ wings at Winslow's, Big and  tasty BBQ sandwiches at Gates, and great sausage and pulled pork at Arthur Bryant's.  But its not all BBQ, as we ate great Italian food at Lidia's restaurant.  We were drawn to Lidia's because we always watch her on the Create channel and Debbie has one of Lidia's cookbooks.
I don't think I have enough room in this blog to tell you all about each stop in Kansas City.  This place has it all. We have been to Garmin's headquarters to learn all about using our handheld geocaching GPS. We toured Hallmark Cards and the Harley-Davidson's KC plant.  We went through the Money Museum at the KC Federal Reserve Bank, and the Negro League Baseball Hall of Fame.  We had a personal tour of the Airline History Museum, which was fantastic.  We stopped by the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the Charlie "The Bird" Parker Memorial.   We spent some time at the gorgeous Union Station railroad station, as well as the greatest hunting and camping store ever, Cabela's. We went to the City Market, a mall of restaurants, stores, and the fabulous Steamship Arabia Museum.  The Arabia was raised from the bottom of the Missouri river after 132 years.  Thousands of items recovered are in new or almost new condition.  We also spent hours at Liberty Park and the World War I Museum and Tower.  What a wealth of information we saw there. We still have 3 more days here, with more than 3 days worth of places to visit.  We went to the Great American BBQ festival  on Saturday, which was a real dud.  We got to see competitors cook and turn in their food.  We also got to taste about 40 sauces. Only 1 stand was selling BBQ wraps.
Jazz great Charlie Parker
At the Airline History Museum
Debbie with Satchal Paige
Relaxing @ Negro League Hall of Fame
Harley-Davidson Plant
Waiting for pasta @ Lidia's
WW I Tower
WW I carving
View of KC from WW I Museum
Union Station
Grabbin' tail at Cabella's
Mt. Goat Vs. Bear @ Cabella's


  1. You guys look great!!!!! So glad to hear about all the fun and exciting stuff you are doing. The kids only have only 3 days of school left and we are planning to have a few beach days in early June. The time goes by so fast!!!! We still miss you like crazy and keep you both close to our hearts-we love you
    Tom, Marlo, Sergio and Angie

  2. How exciting to see you both in such a awsome camper and professional photos! Just found my printout with the site and will check back regularly. Hope you haven't encountered those Joplin tornados & flooding in LA. Take care, be safe and continue enjoying such a grand adventure!
    Jackie Christianson (FDOT)

  3. Wow you guys have become some major travelers. real cool to see the pics and hear about the places you have been. When you were at the money museum you should have picked up the free samples our great president was giving away. The BBQ sounds like I could stay there for months. Its really cool you guys are old enough to retire like that.I think of you two every day. So keep this site going and enjoy. Ya maybe when I get olddddddd I can do something too. Love Ya's