Monday, May 23, 2011

Harry S. Truman's Independence, Missouri

We are still camping in Blue Springs, Missouri, which is the next town south of Independence. We spent our last three days in Independence.  We first visited the Truman farm.  Harry had graduated high school and had moved to Kansas City and became a bank clerk.  He was well paid ($100.00 a month) and he spent much of his time at plays and cultural events.  He also spent time at the library, as he was an avid reader of History and Biographies.  Four years later his parents took over his grandfather's farm and told him to come help. He came to the farm, worked alongside the farmhands and eventually took over the operation.  During this time he met his future bride, Bess Wallace. When WW I started, he entered the Army, and because he had experience directing people, he was made a Captain and went to war. He led a unit in France during the final year of WW I.
We next went to the home that he and Bess lived in for the rest of their lives. (except when he lived in the White House) The Truman home is on Delaware Street.  We visited the Truman Presidential Library and museum. We visited and toured Vaile Mansion and Bingham-Waggoner Mansion. We went to the train station where Harry Truman started his presidential campaign.  We visited the Clinton's soda fountain, where Truman had his first job when in was a drug store, and had ice cream.  We stopped by the Old Log Courthouse, where Truman served as a judge, when the main courthouse was being renovated.  Finally, we went through the National Frontier Trails Museum. We ate Sunday brunch at Ophelia's, which was delicious. Independence is a quaint, quiet, midwest town, worth a visit.

Truman Farmhouse
Deb @ Truman's home
Old Log Courthouse
Truman's Oval Office

Deb & Harry
Vaile Mansion
Truman's Grave
Morman Chuch

Trivia Question- Harry S. Truman-What does the "S" stand for? 
Answer: Nothing.  His grandfather's names were Solomon
and Shipp, so to not disappoint either one, he just has the initail "S".

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