Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We're at Lazydays Rally Park in Seffener, Florida for 4 days.  Yesterday we had 2 vent covers installed on the roof, so that we could use our two fans, even if it's raining.  We had nitrogen put in our tires and a level installed on the front of the RV so that we can check our level when we are parked.  Our fridge door was adjusted, but is still freezing up.  We spent some time in the hot tub here, which was heavenly.  We have an appointment at Dusty's RV in Bartow, Florida next Tuesday for repairs covered under our warranty.  Norcold said the our fridge is still under the warranty.  Last night we had a farewell dinner with our friends Suzie and Brad Bohannon, who we met at Bay Bayou.  We ate at Al Fresco's in Dunedin.  We had a great meal with some great friends.  We'll miss them. 
Our next stop is Citrus Springs on Friday, March 18th for a weekend with the Casola family, Tom, Marlo, Sergio and Angelina.

These pictures are us at our camp site here at Lazy Days. 


  1. looking good have a great time
    love ya

  2. We have had the time of our lives spending the last 3 days with you!!! We wish you safety, health and continued fun!!! You will be missed and we plan on keeping up with you both because you mean so much to us!!! We love you both so very, very much! Marlo, Tom, Sergio and Angie