Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just another setback

Today we had another setback.  We are still at Dusty's in Bartow awaiting parts for our landing gear.  The fifth wheel was sitting up on two jacks, as the front landing gear won't keep us up.  Severe weather reports were all over the TV.  I felt that we were in danger staying in the RV, so we pulled in the slides and left, going to Dusty's service waiting room.  Sure enough, a severe thunderstorm/tornado hit, blowing our fifth wheel off of the jacks.  One when through the storage compartment of the rig and the other just fell over.  After the storm, I went back to check and saw the rig sitting on the spare tire, which is under the center front of the fifth wheel.  We called GMAC and started a claim. We will have the compartment repaired, some slight body work, as well as the original work on the landing gear.  It appears that our stay in Bartow will be extended. We probably will stay in a hotel for a few days when all the parts are in and they make the repairs.  We are still smiling, as we have our health and each other.  We'll let you know when we get back on the road again.  Also damaged were 6 travel trailers at the dealership.
Well, guess what......our refrigerator is freezing again. Geez, will we ever get out of Bartow?


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  1. We were praying for you!!!! That weather sure was nasty. Thank goodness you both are GOOD!!!!
    I am so glad you posted info and we will continue to pray and keep up with you!!!! We love you both very,very much!
    Your Family In Citrus