Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brokedown in Bartow

We started having trouble with or refrigerator before we left Tampa.  It would freeze everything.  We made an appointment to repair it at Camping World in Seffner, when we were at Lazy Days.  They said that they fixed it and on our way we went.  Two days later, the fridge is a freezer again.  We were in Beverly Hills and spent a great weekend with the Casola family. We called the manufacturer and they sent us to Camping World @ Dusty's RV in Bartow.  They ordered the part, took 5 days, so we got back on track and went to St. Augustine.  We came back south to Bartow and got the fridge repaired today.  We then went next door to their free RV camp to spend a night, making sure that it was indeed fixed.  While starting to set up, our front landing gear shaft and gears broke! We are now sitting on jacks and waiting for parts for that!  Thank goodness for an extended warranty.  So, here we sit in Bartow for 4-6 days to get repairs again. We had to cancel several future campground stops, so we lost a few bucks there. Something must be telling us not to leave Florida yet. Hopefully we'll get on our way next week, bound for Pensacola and Mobile.


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