Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mesa, Arizona

We are in Mesa at the Val Vista Village for 45 days, enjoying the company of Glenn & Terry Gordon, our daughter-in-law Heather's parents.  We are seeing shows, swimming, and enjoying the weather.  We stopped here also to go to the VA to get my medications, but some asinine Arizona law won't allow a "Transient" like me to get my medication.  So, we cut our visit to 45 days from 75 days. We'll head to California to get service with a smile at Loma Linda.  Boo to the Phoenix VA!
We've been here just over a week and have gone to two shows already, Eddie Diamond, a Neil Diamond imitator and a very good Elvis Impersonator,"Danny Vernon is the Illusion of Elvis."  We had fun and enjoyed the shows.
Eddie Diamond
Danny Vernon as Elvis
Elvis was very good.

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