Monday, February 24, 2014

Maui, Hawaii-Day 2

We spent our second day on Maui on another Roberts Hawaii excursion that took us to Lahaina, for an underwater cruise on the submarine Atlantis, followed by a nice lunch at the Pioneer Hotel, and lot of shopping.  we first took a boat out to the ship. The submarine ride was great, as we got to see a sunken ship, tropical fish, and lots of coral.  We dove to a depth of 130 feet.  Another great excursion.
Submarine Atlantis starts to surface
The submarine on the surface
Debbie at 129 feet below the surface
These fish must be Italian, look at their noses!
Two sharks relax on the bottom
A nice view of the Maui mountains from the submarine
part of the sunken ship
Debbie talks to a noisy parrot at the Pioneer Hotel.
Please disregard to photo on the wall!

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