Sunday, March 4, 2012

Visiting Cousin Dennis, Fountain Valley, California

For the third time this year, we made contact with another of Debbie's long lost cousins.  This time we went to see Debbie's cousin Dennis McBride.  Dennis and his new bride Alice got married in 1962 and shipped out to his first duty station, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Dennis and Alice got to see a lot of the Pacific and Asia.  When they returned to the America, Dennis got a job in California.  They never left California and never moved back to Ohio.  Earlier this year we met another of Debbie's cousins, Patty Craig in Ohio, and then Dennis's brother Gerry McBride in Palm Springs back in January.  Today we met Dennis, Alice, their son Eric and his wife Christine and children Kaylin and Sean..  We had a great visit and promised to come back for cookout next year.

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