Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sequoia National Park

September 12-14, 2011.  Giant Sequoia trees in numerous groves are the big show at Sequoia.  We started at the entrance at 400' above sea level and reached our site at Lodgepole Campground at 6700'.  The Dodge diesel pulled us up easily.  At the campground there is a bear proof food storage box for every campsite.  Bears here roam the park at night and if they smell food, a candy wrapper, or anything with odor, like a cleaning wipe, they are apt to tear the door off your car or smash a window to get in.  So, you have to keep any food, not in the refridgerater, in the bear box.
We saw the Grizzly Giant, 230' tall and 38' across, the largest tree by volume in the world.  Some branches are 6' in diameter.  We also walked 3/4 of a mile down, then back up, to the General Sherman Tree, the tallest of the Sequoias at 240'.
The Grizzly Giant
Big tree, small SUV

Our Campsite

Big tree & Me

Bear Box
Deb driving thru the Tunnel Tree

A little drizzle can't dampen our visit

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