Wednesday, September 28, 2011

San Jose, California

We visited San Jose today, with our first stop being the San Jose Flea Market.  This place was huge, one of the biggest we've ever been to.  One problem is that everything for sale here was either from the Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico or China.  Lots of clothes from China, lots of cheap knock offs and junk.    They did have about 30 produce vendors that had a lot of nice produce. Overall it was a waste of time.  We then stopped by the World's Largest Monopoly game board and took a few pictures.  The board is made of granite and each square is carved in.  Since we were the only people there, we did not play. We went to the new San Pedro Market Square, which is a lot of nice stores and restaurants in an area of renewal.  The grand opening is next month, but many of the businesses are already open.  We had a nice lunch at Peggy Sue's.  Next door to the market is the Old Pueblo, the oldest structure in San Jose.
The highlight of our day was a visit to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.  We entered through the peace garden and went into the museum.  This museum has mummys, coffins, hieroglyphics on stone tablets, statues of pharaohs and lots of items found in tombs.  They even had some mummys put through an MRI so that you could see what was inside the dressings and inside the mummys themselves.  The artifacts were many and very interesting.  It was quite fascinating.

Monopoly in the Park
Monopoly board

Resting on the Dice
Go to Jail square
Debbie in jail again
The old pueblo

Egyptian Museum
Guarding the entrance

Can you see Debbie at the door?

Child Mummy
Sacred Dog guards a tomb

Model of the first ever pyramid

Pharoh Adherha


Inside a tomb
Fertility carving




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