Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Nevada

On our way to Las Vegas for 4 days, we veered over to the Hoover Dam for a view of the exterior and the views around the dam. We did not take the tour, as we already took tours at the Shasta Dam in Northern California, Bonneville Dam on the Columbia river that connects Oregon and Washington, and the biggest of them all, Grand Coulee Dam in Washington.  It was very busy on the day we visited, but we did get some good photos. The water level behind the dam is very low, due to the 2 year drought in the southwest. I'd estimate that it's at least 40 feet below its high levels.
The Lake Mead side of the Hoover Dam, before the spillway
Lake Mead and the drought reduced water level
Not a drop of water is going over the's too precious due to the drought.

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