Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A drive around Oahu.

On Sunday we rented a car and drove the rain slicked roads around the island.  We headed for the north shore in hopes of seeing some surfing.  The storm raised the waves to 30 feet high or more.  The red flags were up, warning surfers not to try their luck, but a few brave souls tried to surf, without much luck.
The surf washes away the shoreline
In the rain, this guy stacks rocks on a cliff

Surfs Up!
This guy tried but failed
Ioloni Palace
The statue of King Kamehameha who unified the islands.
Have you ever seen this statue on the opening credits of Hawaii -50?
The many food trucks of this guy who has a bit part on Hawaii-50.
Dog the Bounty Hunter was not open when we stopped by.

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