Monday, December 2, 2013

Bushnell, FL

We have cancelled our trip to Oklahoma and Texas and returned to Florida.  I have some numbness in my face and neck and have had to return to the Tampa VA for a CT Scan on November 13th.  Had a Neurology Consult and exam on December 2nd and now have to get an MRI in the next few weeks. Had the MRI on 12/9 and am awaiting the results.  So, we are back in Florida until at least the end of the year.  On 12/16, got a call from the Neurologist, he said that I have degenerative disk disease and it is from C3-C7.  An operation could make it worse, so I should live with the numbness.  I should not lift heavy objects, especially above the head.  If it gets worse, then a Nuerosurgeon will address it.  So, back on the road we go!
We will be helping out a bit on Debbie's brother's ranch and spending some time here at Paradise Oaks RV Resort.  On our first weekend back, we spent some time helping out on the ranch and visiting with our great-nephew Zakkary.
Debbie and Zakkary on the 4 wheeler with Ernie in the rear
Debbie feeds the pigs
Feeding some cows from the back of the Toro

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