Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quinn drives and works on the ranch

Today, Grammy and Paris had a ladies day out. They went to get manicures, pedicures, do some shopping and have a tea party at the Tilted Tea Room in Brooksville.  Quinn and Grampy stayed behind and got some chores done.  We burned the trash, trimmed the flower bushes out front, and fixed a gate.  We got the four-wheeler, hooked up the manure spreader rack and spread the cow pies around the side and back pastures.  Then we took the four-wheeler back, got the Toro so that we could load up the branches we cut earlier and put them in the burn pile.  I trained Quinn how to drive the Toro.  It is a three speed and Quinn did very well.
Quinn drives the four-wheeler to spread the cow pies.
Quinn spreads the cow pies very well, and didn't miss a one!
Quinn pulling down tree moss to feed the cattle
Quinn feeds the cattle the moss
Quinn hard at work
Do a good job and Grampy will teach you how to drive!
                                                                                  Quinn drives the four-wheeler
                                                                              Quinn learning to drive the 3 speed Toro
                                                                            Quinn gives Grampy a ride around the ranch  

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