Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Florida 2012

We flew from Mesa, Arizona to Florida for Christmas.  We were very busy and I'm here to admit our mistakes.  We forgot to take our camera when we visited Debbie's sister Donna and the rest of the Butler family, the staff of the Tampa Bay Toll office, the Christmas party at Ernie's Welding, our friends Paula Williams and Suzie and Brad Bohannon. We had great visits with all of them, but sadly, no photos to share.  We did visit the Casola Family in Citrus Springs and Debbie's brother Ernie Chonko and the extended family in Webster. We did remember the camera on those occasions. 

                                                   Visiting with Tom & Marlo Casola & kids, Sergio & Angelina Monge

Marlo and Tom open a gift of blessed holy dirt from Santaurio de Chimayo
Sergio, the avid reader gets books
Angelina gets Junie B. Jones books
La Familia
Deb and me at the Casola's Christmas tree
                                                                      Christmas Day with the Chonko Family in Webster, FL                                                                   
Yes, the Chonko tradition is to hang the tree upside-down
Tiffany & son Zakkary were having fun

Ernie got a new coffee mug
Mama Kim got a gift basket of goodies from our travels
Zack likes discovering what is inside the empty boxes
Jesse got a new saddle
Amy got lots of gifts
Zackkary got a motorcycle like Grampa Ernie's
Debbie's jean jacket was big, but we'll get the right size
Vince got a jean jacket too!
Dad Gabriel and son Zakkary play a new guitar
The visit was not all play, a good days work on the ranch was great for me
Ernie brings in wood for the nightly bonfire
The nightly bonfire keeps us warm on the cool Florida nights


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