Saturday, October 6, 2012

Albuquerque Balloon Festival - Evening Glow

On our first day at the balloon festival we got up at 4:15 a.m. to get over to the morning launch of 500  hot air balloons at 6:45a.m.   To make a long story short, the winds kept gusting over the ideal wind speed of 11.5 miles per hour, sometimes up to 25 mph, so the morning flights were cancelled.
Later we found out that they cancelled it an hour and a half earlier, but they did not tell anyone, so that we would all get there and buy food and souvenirs from the vendors, then they called it!
So, we went back at night for the evening glow, at which about 100 balloons filled there balloons with hot air, glowed, but don't take off.  We wish that we could show you all of the balloons, but we picked our favorites to share with you.
Sunset of the balloon fiesta

Hendrick's Gin balloon
A clock

A Fireman

Ham-Let for President (Pigs do fly)
Plains Bank Buffalo

One happy bird

Two Bumblebees

A Crab?  (a basketball in the net with crab-like eyes)
The most beautiful butterfly

Not Spiderman...........Spidey Pig

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