Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Rock, Arkansas and tornados!

We arrived in the Little Rock area on Easter, for a 4 day visit.  We are staying at a Army Corp of Engineers (COE) park in Maumelle, 300 feet from the Arkansas River.  We have been busy seeing the sights.  We toured the William J. Clinton Presidential Library which was very impressive.  We took a tour of the Arkansas State Capitol building and the Arkansas Governor's Mansion.  (no photos of those 3 places, due to security reasons) We also visited the General MacArthur Museum of Military history, The Arkansas Plantation Museum and Arkansas's Koren War Memorial.  We also had the opportunity to visit the Little Rock Central High school, where school desegregation started.  In 1957, U.S. troops, sent in by President Eisenhower, escorted 9 very brave black students into the previously all white high school. The visitor's center's presentation was very interesting, powerful and enlightening.  Our last place to visit was the Old Mill in North Little Rock, which was very serene.
Tornados! On Monday night the sirens sounded and we, along with 6 other couples, hide in one of the men's bathrooms in the park.  We had high winds and golf ball size hail, which left a few minor dents in the truck.  After two hours, we went back to our RV, trudging through 18 inches of water at our site, covering the first step of our stairs.  The water by the power pole was so high that it engulfed our voltage regulator and it fried itself.  On Tuesday night we had severe thunder storms, but no tornado.  We did have pea sized hail which made a quarter size hole in our kitchen's sky light.  I patched it the today.  We'll  get a new one sometime in the future.  Debbie was very impressed this the vanilla ice cream at the Purple Cow ( a burger place), as the vanilla was purple too!



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